Authors and editors needed by publisher

September 26, 2008

60 New Books in 2009 – Do You Know Anyone Who Wants To Be Published?
My publisher, Bookshaker, plans to dramatically increase its publishing output in 2009 while being able to keep our eye firmly on marketing and writing new books too. So if you know anyone who’d like to be published or get an existing (and good) ebook in print and selling via Amazon then please email Debbie here.

They are looking for very specific non-fiction books at the moment:

1. Lifestyle Design – early retirement, wealth creation, travel, time/money management

2. Sales and Marketing – for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, startups etc. that
are in line with their principles and approach.

They pay a royalty that is at least twice as much as mainstream publishing.

Or would you like to be an editor and make 20% on all sales? If you’ve got the skills and would like to apply to be an editor for other people’s books yourself (or you know editors) then complete the form here to find out more about the deal…

They are still taking on new authors for their Spain books – with 7 currently in the pipeline
– so if have written/are writing a book on Spain then please look them here

Good luck

One Response to “Authors and editors needed by publisher”

  1. Paul Allen Says:

    Hi there. I’m in the final phases of tying down my loose ends and heading towards a new life.

    I’m planning of heading to Amsterdam in the very near future. I’ve never been there and I think that’s the
    intriguing part.

    I spent 20 plus years teaching as a tenured professor at a college in Florida. My area was commercial foods/culinary arts and (being newly single) I decided
    to look ahead at the future and decided to take an early retirement, donate my library to the school, and adopted a mind-set of, “If it doesn’t fit in my car then I don’t need it.” I’ve since revised that and changed “car” to “suitcase.”

    Sorry, I’m trying to be brief and actually, this is pretty brief for me.

    To sum it up, I’ve written quite a few food-related articles and contributed to textbooks in my field and I look forward to any opportunities that may come my way.

    Thanks for the opportunity,


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