TotallyExpat – a brand new hit

November 19, 2008

Don’t you just love the way people you once knew pop up again? This happened to me this week, and the one who ‘popped up’ was Brian Friedman, who used to head up the Institute of Global Mobility, associated with Ernst and Young. I was big fan of the IGM back in the early 2000s when based near enough to London to attend their events. Their ‘Greatest Hits’ conference was exemplary, not least because of a line up that included the comedian Tim Vine and the erudite political journalist, Andrew Marr. But that’s not my point.

My point is that Brian Friedman has taken a bag full of good ideas and his passion for informing and supporting those in global HR and set up TotallyExpat. This website is a forum for those in IHR and relocation service providers, specialists and people like me who just care about this kind of thing. It’s free and its rise appears to be meteoric. It’s only been up 3 weeks and already has 600 members.

Take a look for yourself, add to the collection of useful articles and resources and be part of a network that is keen to make a difference. There will be meetings and events but right now be sure to be part of the buzz that is TotallyExpat. Become a member. i did.

I wonder if he’ll organise another Greatest Hits?


One Response to “TotallyExpat – a brand new hit”

  1. D P C Crick Says:

    Feedback on – I did not find the site useful in the slightest and the overwhelming interference of vendors & service providers detracted from any value the utility might have delivered

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