A poem from my magical sailing trip

April 4, 2009


No stick in the muds on Jabiru,
this reunion of strangers
soon became sailors,
as we keeled to the side
then stretched up to the sky,
felt our stiff limbs flex,
pulling wrists to the side.

Watch meandering thoughts subside
with each deep breath,
pushing the envelope of our comfort zones
with each tug of the tide.

As slapping waves tap flat palms
against the hull,
they rock us gently,
soothe us to a lull and slumber,
then nudge us awake
when daylight slides into our berths.

Breathe in the air of freedom,
watch the flying fish arch up and forward,
see them glide,
while we too begin to dance to a new tune.
A slow reel,
switching partners,
finding new rhythm.
Learn to trust the swell of wind in the mainsail.
Let our bodies slip down into an altered state of mind.
Here lyrics lurk in every sentence,
and verse pulses in our veins.

Slowly, slowly we unskein
our busy, busy worlds,
furl and pleat the tasks that map
each ordinary day.
Here we reef our minds to catch
only things that really matter.

We winch in our worries
then hoist them high
to let them luff and flutter and then fly.
Pull hard on the halyard to let your spirits soar.

Friendships are made here
as strangers share their stories
in the sunshine.
Each day melts into Paradise
from ‘Honey Honey’ with our muesli
to ‘I Feel Good’ moments through the day,
til every dusk is starlit
– a marvellous night for a ‘Moondance’ –
and the full moon lights our way.

Jo Parfitt, Marina Cay, British Virgin Islands 11th March 2009

One Response to “A poem from my magical sailing trip”

  1. Fi Says:

    You have captured perfectly the otherworldliness of time spent on the sea. And I relate strongly to the ‘reunion of strangers’ because I’ve done that too, in a quite different context. Hugs and congratulations, Fi xx

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