Women in Leadership event in Soesterberg 11th May

April 7, 2009

Just got this info in from my mate Jacinta Noonan. I’ll plan on being there. Will you?


“Women mean business”, says Avivah Wittenberg–Cox, CEO of 20-FIRST. Studies indicate that companies with more women on their boards and in key management positions tend to out-perform those with less; 60% of graduates entering the workforce are women; 80% of the consumer purchasing decisions are made by women. If women are such an important economic force, then why are there still so few women top managers in the Netherlands? The question we want answered is, “What can Dutch companies do to ensure they accurately recognize and optimize women’s talents?”

At Branch Out, we believe the first step is to change the nature of the conversation about women and gender equality. With the traditional approach, change in the workplace has been incredibly slow. We need fresh approach and a shift in perspective. We need to realize this is not a ‘women’s issue, this is a ‘business’ issue. Companies in the 21st Century, with out-dated thinking, are going to lose their competitive advantage if they ignore the need for gender balance in top management.

To explore this topic, we would like to invite you to participate in the “Women in Leadership Forum”. We would like to hear your opinions on the following:

· Is the current business model, designed for a different era, still relevant in the 21st Century or do we need to re-shape it? And if so, how?

· How can a company accommodate women’s career life-cycles but at the same time, retain their top female talent?

· How can you develop a culture of ‘gender bilingualism’ in your company?

· What are women’s aspirations and motivations and do your company HR policies reflect these?

· How can you nurture the differences between men and women and gain the best from both?

The aim of the session is to provide the forum for a stimulating, high-energy discussion that stretches your thinking, challenges out-dated assumptions and inspires some ground-breaking new ideas. Furthermore, your input will allow Branch Out to reflect on our “Women and Leadership”-program to see if we are addressing the gender balance issue appropriately.

Date: Monday 11 May 2009

Time: 14:30 – Registration & networking
15:00 – Start of program
18:00 – Borrel

Venue : Soesterberg (Kontakt der Kontinenten,Amersfoortsestraat 20)

RSVP: Please register by Monday 4 May
Seating is limited so please register via email to Jacinta Noonan

Format: Welcome
Opening talk by Jacinta Noonan, Director Branch Out
Break-out groups with key questions to debate
Plenary session to share group ideas
Summary of the event
Borrel and informal discussions


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