expat family conferences set for June 2009 in The Hague

April 22, 2009

I was delighted to finally get to meet Brandi McCollom last week. It seems she is set to be the new mover and shaker of the the expat world in the Netherlands and currently has the bit firmly between her teeth.

The 2009 Expat Family Support Services Survey & Conference Series is on its way!

The event, the first in an ongoing series, will follow an Expat Family Support Services Survey that can be completed by going to http://www.familycentered.nl/survey.html . Please complete this before May 7th.

‘Building on the strengths of our community, practitioners are stepping up and taking action to provide a solution based initiative, connecting the Dutch and international support services for expat and Dutch families,’ Brandi says.

McCollom who is a Cognitive Behavioural Consultant at Family Centred Consulting Services is collaborating with the Hague University and Deirdre Budd, Sleep Consultant R.G.N. H.V. Dip.R., of Dream Angus. Together they have set out to take the pulse of the current needs of expat families in this community along with pin pointing the gap between services and access to create practical solutions. The survey provides a platform for expat families to voice their concerns and desires for family and community services.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS: The 2009 Expat Family Support Services Conference is coming June 6th, 2009 and the International Special Needs Resource Conference is coming June 14th, 2009. For more details and updates on the conferences or for more information on the practice of Family Centered Consulting Services (FCCS) visit http://www.familycentered.nl . For more information on the practice of Dream Angus http://www.dreamangus.com .

Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved and please, don’t forget to do the survey – you only have until May 7th do this.


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