Writer wanted for book on India

July 13, 2009

Over the last few years I have found more than 10 authors for this great series for Kuperard. Now, they want to update their India book, can anyone help?

Please contact me in the first instance.


Kuperard’s Culture Smart guides are short introductory books that alert
first-time visitors to the values and attitudes of different countries. They
do not duplicate the hard information given in conventional guidebooks but
rather focus on the human dimension, on a country’s culture, so as to enable
foreign visitors both to be understanding guests and to get the most out of
their visit. They tell you how people see themselves, and why, and something
of their history, their collective experience, their manners, their private
and their working lives. They steer you through various situations, helping
you to avoid awkward gaffes and misunderstandings.

There are seventy-four titles in the series so far, which has had good
reviews in The Observer, Sunday Telegraph and New York Times. The books have
appeared on CNN’s Travel website, and have featured on BBC World’s weekly
travel programme “Fast Track”. There is more about them on our website:

Kuperard plans to publish a completely new volume on India next year. The
book will follow an established series format, and the text will be between
28,000 and 30,000 words long. The fee is £1,000, payable half on receipt and
acceptance of the ms, and half thirty days afterwards. The ideal author is
an English-speaking expatriate who has lived in the country for some time
and is thoroughly well versed in the local culture.

If the idea of writing Culture Smart! India appeals to you, please contact Jo Parfitt in the first instance.


One Response to “Writer wanted for book on India”

  1. Irene Says:

    Dear Jo:

    This has reference to your inquiry for a writer.

    I am a free-lance writer from India and have been doing so as a ‘beat the monotony’ from my usual Media Communications profession (www.wordservicecommunications.com). I enjoy writing and realized that this talent is one ‘space’ where I can put in the beauty of thoughts and even share them. Whats more? There may be many out there who may be informed of things, not expereinced.. and in my way…:). India is colourful and there is so much yet to share in writing, rather than just what has already hit the pages of the web and glossies. As a media Consultant with varied clients, learning the assignment itself allows reasons for creative juices to flow. For instance, I handle the largest Museum in India for Art….

    I have worked on a similar content for an international publication called, called ‘The List’ that featured on the mater of Mumbai city, as per the publisher’s requirements.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


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