60 New Books in 2009 – Do You Know Anyone Who Wants To Be Published?
My publisher, Bookshaker, plans to dramatically increase its publishing output in 2009 while being able to keep our eye firmly on marketing and writing new books too. So if you know anyone who’d like to be published or get an existing (and good) ebook in print and selling via Amazon then please email Debbie here.

They are looking for very specific non-fiction books at the moment:

1. Lifestyle Design – early retirement, wealth creation, travel, time/money management

2. Sales and Marketing – for coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, startups etc. that
are in line with their http://www.leanmarketing.co.uk principles and approach.

They pay a royalty that is at least twice as much as mainstream publishing.

Or would you like to be an editor and make 20% on all sales? If you’ve got the skills and would like to apply to be an editor for other people’s books yourself (or you know editors) then complete the form here to find out more about the deal…

They are still taking on new authors for their Spain books – with 7 currently in the pipeline
– so if have written/are writing a book on Spain then please look them here

Good luck

Debbie Jenkins from www.bookshaker.com has currently got three projects
in the pipeline that require the skills of talented, and forward-thinking, editors.

If you’ve heard of Book Shaker before then you’ll also know that they pay
unprecedented royalties to their authors. The way they can afford to pay
such big royalties is by offering professional editors a stake in the book’s
success rather than a one-off payment.

They have published the following books of mine:
Career in Your Suitcase
Find Your Passion
Expat Writer – Release the Book Within
Expat Entrepreneur

Now, for the jobbing editors amongst you, you’re probably thinking “scam”
but I’ve worked with Debbie on several occasions now and wouldn’t share
this if I didn’t trust her. Anyway, if you’re interested, then here’s her proposal…

1. Debbie is looking for editors who would like to earn up to 20% royalties from lifetime
sales of each book they work on.
2. All profit to the editor will come from the result of sales of the book, and royalties
will be paid quarterly.
3. Debbie does not pay a one-off fee for editing but instead offers a long term stake in the
intellectual property to provide ongoing income in the long term.
4. She is looking to pull together a team of around 5 editors to work on approximately
50 books during 2009.
5. Based on average sales of Bookshaker’s top 10 performers if you’d edited 10 books
you would be getting paid at least £720 every 3 months, for the lifetime of those
books, with no extra work to do.

If what Debbie is doing interests you then please complete the short form at www.bookshaker.com/drupal5/editor
Once you’ve completed the form you’ll get an auto-responder telling you more and Debbie
promises she’ll follow up soon after to answer any questions you may have asked.

Good luck

Boost your book sales

September 3, 2008

Have you heard the buzz? The Amazon Bestseller Plan is available free and contains tons of tips to help you sell more books on Amazon. Compiled by the publisher who sold £30,000 of books in one day, you’d be mad to miss out. Check it out here.

Sue Donnelly took one of my Release the Book Within courses a few years ago and has never looked back. Her fourth book, Feel Fab at 50, is just out, published by Bookshaker, and is another winner to add to The 80/20 Rule, Heading South and Does My Belly Look Good in This. You’ve guessed it, Sue is an image consultant, but she also knows one hell of a lot about diet, fitness and feeling good about yourself. I’ve just finished Feel Fab at 50 and felt compelled to write a review on Amazon, it is SO good. Take a look at her website just to see how wonderful she looks, because, of courser, Sue has just turned 50 herself.

Well done, Sue, keep up with the good work. Only 21 books to go and you will have caught me up.

Networking being as it is I have linked with Renée Barber of Rising Star Designs, who is based in Australia and helps client with design, websites and all sorts of marketing materials. She loved Career in Your Suitcase so much that she wrote the longest review ever, which I recommend you read if you dond’t have time to read the book.

Renée has written about me in her newsletter, which you can take a look at here and you can read the whole review on my publisher’s site Bookshaker in the clippings section. If you have managed to miss my comments about this innovative publisher, then let me tell you they have simply tons of free stuff on their site as well as a real opportunity to get in print. What’s more, if you don’t want to write a book, and don’t want to read about the process either then you can also sign up as an affiliate and earn 50% by selling their authors’ books – like mine.

So, do yourselves a favour and take a look at Renée’s work and the guys over at Bookshaker.