I never tire of being interviewed by journalists. Of course, being in the media is a great way to get publicity for my books and so, publication permitting, I usually agree to an interview. With my global network, most requests come in by email and interviews take place by phone, email or Skype, but, back in May, to coincide with the launch of the third edition of Career in Your Suitcase, Amanda van Mulligen of The Writing Well came to my home for ours.

Being able to see your interviewee face to face has many bonuses. It can allow you to get more of the personality of your subject, not only from their body language but also from the place in which they live.

Amanda has worked hard to find an outlet for her super article, and today I received the link to her piece on the home page of Women Unlimited. Take a look for yourself. She did an amazing job.

The article is here.

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Download the brochure, here. You’ll find it just below the PTA Services headline. Oh, and by the way, deadline for registrations is 10th September – so hurry.

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September 2, 2008

My new mate Renee Barber has a huge selection of ebooks available on her website – including mine. Take a look through the impressive list here.

A few months ago I was interviewed by Inga at Bare Essentials magazine. This is an online publication, produced by Yudu, which I blogged about the moment I heard about it. This magazine is about women who do things, many dangerous or active (ahem that does not sound like me!). Women in Action is its tagline. And if you would like to read Inga’s interview with me, simply click on the image below. You’ll find my double page article on pages 8 and 9. Simply click on the bottom right hand corner to turn the pages.


Networking being as it is I have linked with Renée Barber of Rising Star Designs, who is based in Australia and helps client with design, websites and all sorts of marketing materials. She loved Career in Your Suitcase so much that she wrote the longest review ever, which I recommend you read if you dond’t have time to read the book.

Renée has written about me in her newsletter, which you can take a look at here and you can read the whole review on my publisher’s site Bookshaker in the clippings section. If you have managed to miss my comments about this innovative publisher, then let me tell you they have simply tons of free stuff on their site as well as a real opportunity to get in print. What’s more, if you don’t want to write a book, and don’t want to read about the process either then you can also sign up as an affiliate and earn 50% by selling their authors’ books – like mine.

So, do yourselves a favour and take a look at Renée’s work and the guys over at Bookshaker.

Ljiljana came to my party last week and has agree to let me post her comment here. I think it has some useful lessons for those of us who fear networking ..

I was about to give up. I was thinking about writing an email saying that I was sorry but I couldn’t make it and then invent some reason. But I had already arranged everything: my mother-in-law had come to look after her grandson and my husband came home on time from his work and then the mother of our son’s friend came on time to fetch her child… so that I had no excuses left and could be on time for Jo’s Celebration in the centre of The Hague after all. I’m not very new in the city but it was my first expatriate party! And if I do not count family members’ birthdays it was my first party in the Netherlands ever. Before this party, I met Jo few times at Connecting Women. My first workshop at Connecting Woman was actually Jo’s lecture about networking, in February this year. What shall I say? I could hardly wait for the next meeting. At the third I decided to become a member and at the fourth I became the proud owner of Jo Parfitt’s book Career in your Suitcase (third edition!).
Still I was a bit nervous about going to the launch of her two lates books. Maybe it was just an accident, but at about that time I was on the page 112 of Career in your Suitcase and there is a part about Fear of Networking. It is strange to have that fear after many years in journalism, but new country, new language, losing a job… changes everything. I was also very curious. The fact that she is a journalist herself helped me be brave enough to go along. And than I said to myself: You are going to that party and everything will be alright and it will be special because it’s about Jo. And it was. I was at a place with a lot of other people who came from somewhere, who are trying to find a home far away from home and who know that nothing is going to be the some once they are back home. It’s SO good to know that your are not alone. And there is a comfort: it is not bad at all as long as people like Jo Parfitt are around. I’ve read somewhere that “the good book to read is not the one which thinks for you, but the one which makes you think”. Mind you, her books and speeches made me move!

Ljiljana Lelieveld Gogic

Wow! Did we have fun last night as I celebrated the launch of my 25th book at Lesley Fisher’s beautiful apartment in Den Haag with 50 of the finest folk whom I have the pleasure to call my friends, colleagues and supporters. As a ‘trailing spouse’ it is not always easy to pursue a career while moving round the world as chattel and cheerleader to a bloke in the oil industry. It is even harder when you get a stamp in your passport that reads ‘wife – not permitted to take up employment’. As you know, that happened to me in 1988, and since then I have been determined to retain my professional identity despite the obstacles. To those who attended, thank you for supporting me.

Thanks too . . .
To Lesley of Metamorphosis Consulting for hosting the event – don’t forget that she has a super training room available to rent
To Annelene for her wonderful wine, and for making recipes from ‘Dates’ – invite The Wine Emporium to do a wine tasting for you and your friends and you may have as much fun as we did last night!
To Katy, for drawing the raffle, and for writing the foreword to ‘Career in Your Suitcase’ – take a look at the wonderful work done by the Permits Foundation
To Kim and Maged from Xpatriate Magazine, for providing mags for the bags and those wonderful vouchers to Ascot in Wassenaar! Watch out for my new column!
To the glorious Zelda, for dancing for us – join Lesley and me on her Dance with the Goddess workshop on Saturday!
To ABC Treehut for providing the other mags for the bags
To Mega of Portable Career, Julie of Essence Therapeutics, Rev Barbara of Authentic Matters Ministries, Robin of Dutchnews, Agnes of ABC, Annelene, Lesley, Zelda and Elske of Stichting the English Theatre for providing such wonderful raffle prizes.

I hope you enjoy your goodie bag suitcase, which reminds me to thank Ricklin-Echikson Associates for the wonderful luggage tags.

Dates by Jo Parfitt and Sue Valentine April 2008

Jeff Porter of Trailing Spouse and Ausmerica interviewed me last week and we recorded our 40 minute chat about Career in Your Suitcase. Listen here to find out more. Jeff is passionate about helping expatriate professional accompanying partners, a bit like me, and so you can imagine we had tons to talk about.

Have you heard of EzineArticles? It is a site where experts and authors can post articles and which can then be sourced and used by ezines all over the world. It’s a great way to get publicity. Andrea Martins of ExpatWomen has done it again, and has just written about my new book, A Career in Your Suitcase. If you want publicity, maybe you need to take a look at EzineArticles.

I was delighted to find this super review of Career in Your Suitcase on the Telegraph website today. Andrea Martins reviews another book on working abroad too this month so take a look here.