I met Rose eight years ago at a conference in Brussels and just last week was delighted when her new CD, Instant Relaxation, landed in my post box. I have a number of similar tools for meditation and relaxation and thought this may well have been same old same old. I was wrong. It is stunning.

For one, Rose hired a professional to recite her words. Jan Vine‘s voice is simply perfect for the job. At once soothing and authoritative with a hypnotic quality. And the music, which was composed for Rose specially by a guy called Chris Gunning, who has won a BAFTA, is superb. The cover is beautiful too. Rose herself is a resident psychologist on BBC Radio Oxford, so all in all it is a star-studded cast and a top notch production.

The exercises are well-known, so no surprises there, but that’s the point. This is not a listen once and chuck away CD, it is designed to teach you how to meditate and relax so you can do it yourself. A cool concept, I have to say. If you want to know more please go to Rose’s site at www.mindexpert.com

If you want to

Beat that expat stress

September 28, 2007

Moving frequently can be very stressful. I have just broken my foot and have my leg in plaster and have learned that NOT moving is stressful too. I decided to make the time to listen to some of my collection of meditation CDs to see if that helped. It did. So I would like to recommend some one may appeal to busy people like me.

Barbara Rogoski is a friend of mine who has realised that busy people feel too busy to meditate, however much they may need to. So she has made a CD of 10 minute Workplace Meditations. If you want a quick intro to this useful tool, I recommend this. Go to Authentic Matters for more details.