I never tire of being interviewed by journalists. Of course, being in the media is a great way to get publicity for my books and so, publication permitting, I usually agree to an interview. With my global network, most requests come in by email and interviews take place by phone, email or Skype, but, back in May, to coincide with the launch of the third edition of Career in Your Suitcase, Amanda van Mulligen of The Writing Well came to my home for ours.

Being able to see your interviewee face to face has many bonuses. It can allow you to get more of the personality of your subject, not only from their body language but also from the place in which they live.

Amanda has worked hard to find an outlet for her super article, and today I received the link to her piece on the home page of Women Unlimited. Take a look for yourself. She did an amazing job.

The article is here.

Kim Chandler of Xpatriate Magazine just told me about this cool, free site, where sources who would like to help a reporter out and be quoted in an article can sign up and receive emails about opportunities to help a reporter out. Now, this is a cool thing to do if you need to build your reputation by being quoted in the press.

The site has a sister where journalists can ask to find sources who can help them too.

So go to help a reporter now and see for yourself.

Jo Parfitt in Die Welt

April 9, 2008

I was recently interviewed by Die Welt. I can no longer remember what they asked me but as I glance through the article I see I recognise many names. Andrea Martins of ExpatWomen is there for one, and I seem to get the lion’s share of the column inches. If you read German do take a look online .

Take a look and tell me what you think.