Could you, should you, write a book?

If this is a question that you often ask yourself, then maybe it’s time to find out. On 9th July I’m running a Special Interest Group workshop for the European Professional Women’s network in Amsterdam. It will cover topics including:
what makes a book sell?
what is a wow factor?
could I really write a book?
what book would make me the most money?
how can a book help me raise my fees?

So, if you need to be inspired, informed and supported hurry and grab your place on this free workshop. led by me, Jo Parfitt, from 7-9pm at the Renaissance Hotel in Amsterdam.

Places are limited and the link is here

I have just had a great meeting with Bea Stanford, who found herself as an expat in a part of The Netherlands that has no existing infrastructure for expats like her. So, realising that there was a need to network with other expats she started Inside Twente. This neat site has blogs and forums and is a kind of Facebook for Twente dwellers. It is also a really good place to get yourself know. Being a big fish in a small pond means you are more likely to get noticed. So, if you have a book that might interest these hungry Twente expats, or would like to meet some inspiring folk. Drop by Inside Twente. I’ve just joined the club and am thrilled by Bea’s wonderful initiative. I am glad to be part of Inside Twente.

On May 10th I had the privilege of being invited to attend the ordination ceremony of my friend Barbara Rogoski. Now able to perform ceremonies in English for people of any religion, Barbara is based here in the Netherlands. Her inordination as a Pathways of Life minister was the culmination of her own spiritual journey, which has led her from a high-stress, high-pace corporate sales career to this. Barbara runs a business called Authentic Matters. I was thrilled to attend her special day.
The new Expat Minister

I belong to a great networking group here in The Hague, called Connecting Women. This year is our 10th anniversary and to celebrate we are collecting stories from our members old and new. These stories are available online for everyone to see and be inspired by. Do take a look. As soon as we have 100 we are going to produce a print book. If you want to see what kind of a bunch we are – and see me too (I am in the red dress) then take a look at the photos we have posted from our anniversary dinner at Madurodam.

I have always believed that belonging to a group like Connecting Women is key to my settling in somewhere new. In fact, joining a group that shares my own interests is the first thing I do when I arrive. The next thing I do is to try to get a position on the board. After six months here, I joined CW in charge of workshops.

Despite my own passion for networking, it seems others do not share my enthusiasm. This is why I am now offering a new workshop called Networking Know-How, designed to dispel all those myths and fears and have you all clamouring to network too!