Jo Parfitt's poetry memoir A Moving Landscape

Jo Parfitt's poetry memoir A Moving Landscape

I can’t believe it, but I just wrote my 26th book. It’s been a scary old process this, because, for the first time ever, I am publishing my poetry and my memoir at the same time. Yep, that’s right. My life in verse. You see, I don’t admit it to everyone, but I write poetry too. Non-fiction, fiction, journalism AND poetry. So there you have it, 30 or so years of my life exposed for all to see. Those who did know of my poetry habit have been begging me to publish for years, so I guess I wrote it for you.

In this month’s Acclimate, the expat mag from Bangkok, they have published a preview selection of poems.

If you would like a review copy for your publication, then go ahead and send me your address and I’ll post you one. If you want it faster, I can send you a PDF.

You can order it on Amazon too.


Authors needed

September 16, 2008

Yet again my publisher client needs authors. This time for two books.

One is a glossy coffee table book, on world festivals, and is very research based. Perfect for an aspiring travel writer. 50,000-60,000 words

The other is about how to be a guest at different religious ceremonies worldwide. Also research based, but it would help if the author knew about world religions. Maybe 30,000 words.

Both books pay a one off payment only. The publisher is based in London.

If you think you may be interested please contact me here at the blog or by email.


I was excited when a student of mine, Kathleen Bell, told me of an amazing trip she is planning to China for students at any level (even lapsed) of Taijiquqan (to dummies like me that’s a form of Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Kathleen says: ‘If the trip will give the opportunity to develop from the level you have reached and experience the natural and inspirational environment where the earliest form of the art took shape. Besides the four days on the Taoist holy mountain for practice, theory and mingling with the Taoist monks in the temples, the group will visit some of the highlights of China in Beijing and Shanghai.

Because the group will consist of people from various levels and types of taijiquan, a specific programme of sets will be learnt, practiced and refined during the trip. The DaoYin and Qigong sets we will learn and practice together in this sacred environment will be the Heavenly Master’s Dragon and Tiger DaoYin, Union with Heaven and Earth DaoYin, Tantian Post Heaven Breathing, Wudang San Feng Taijiquan and the Eight Brocades of Silk DaoYin.’

I told you it was unique, eh? The trip is led by a sinologist and an anthropologist, so you would be in safe hands. Take a look at Travelinck to find out more.