Next week, Kiwi actress, storyteller, playwright and inspirer extraordinaire comes to The Hague with her unique set of plays to entertain us. As a writer and word lover I was delighted to hear about Letteracy. This play, devised, written and performed by Tanya has been created in praise of letter-writing. Don’t miss it. Please.

Tanya is here 5-15 June and is running a storytelling workshop, a children’s play called Box of Foxes and many other wondrous things, but Letteracy is ONLY on 5th and 6th at the Communication Museum in Zeestraat. I’ll be there. More info at

In need of an inspiration injection? Then check out the American School Fall brochure. Workshops range from learning to massage, do Reiki or become more spiritual, to golf, bellydance, language, cookery, arts and crafts and even day trips of Dutch cities.

Download the brochure, here. You’ll find it just below the PTA Services headline. Oh, and by the way, deadline for registrations is 10th September – so hurry.

YOu will also find details of my workshops there too:

Break into Writing 23rd SEpt
Write from Life 30th Sept
Release the book within 7th Oct
Definite Articles 28th Oct
Career in Your Suitcase 6th Nov
How to get your book published 13 Nov
How to make the perfect pitch 20th Nov
Growing Global Networks 27th Nov
Powertools for Publicity 4th Dec

I always like to keep my ex-students fed with idea for markets for their writing and in the last two weeks it seems that many new ideas are coming my way.

Take Women Unlimited, an online magazine for female entrepreneurs led by Julie Hall, who says she is looking for the following:

I am looking for people to write articles about subjects they are passionate about for an online community website for female entrepreneurs. The website will be both business oriented and personal development oriented. My vision for Women Unlimited is to become a catalyst for change in the UK, enabling women to achieve success through their own businesses and skills. We will provide information to women on how to create and build a successful business while also offering a strong support network in which they can engage with other women who are doing the same thing. The target market for the website is women owned businesses from sole trader to medium sized organisations.

Every author will have their own profile page and by-line on the website with a link to their own websites. They will also be able to have a link in the business directory for free.

We are looking for people to write on a variety of subjects such as
business planning
marketing your business
financial management
self promotion
business visioning
work life balance
creating success
risk management
getting investment
getting started
PR and communications
Negotiation skills
Influencing others
Building your team
The benefits of mentoring
Technology based articles… ie email marketing, buying a website, buying your domain
Business bank accounts
What business structure to take
… any business focus


Childcare options – what works best for you
Your business and your hormones
Dealing with the menopause while running your own business
Looking after you
Finding your passion
Letting go at the weekend
Following your dream
Being brave – small steps to success

… whole life focus

and much more. We are happy to have articles from men as well as women – as long as it is empowering and positive. We would particularly like articles that can be used as a series ie over 4 weeks, but would also be happy with a single article. We will have a debate section as well, but the caveat on this is that we’re not debating women’s right to own their own business, but we can challenge some of the cultural beliefs or have comments news.

If you know anyone that has expertise or opinions, or the desire to research particular topics, then please ask them to get in touch! I am putting together my list of articles over the next two weeks, so any thoughts / feedback would be great.

Kim Chandler of Xpatriate Magazine just told me about this cool, free site, where sources who would like to help a reporter out and be quoted in an article can sign up and receive emails about opportunities to help a reporter out. Now, this is a cool thing to do if you need to build your reputation by being quoted in the press.

The site has a sister where journalists can ask to find sources who can help them too.

So go to help a reporter now and see for yourself.

Last month I was in Dubai and led just a two hour workshop for writers, which I called Pitch Perfect. One of those students was Kristina Aaronson, and today, her first piece is published in the Weekly Telegraph. That really is amazingly quick. To make the pitch, sell it and for it to appear in just a month is unbelievable. Perhaps it is because it really is a super piece of writing, about her interactions with Emirati women at Sheikh Zayed university, where she works. Way to go, Kristina!

Read her super piece here.