If you want some inspiration to keep you writing from the Expat Rollercoaster, make sure you don’t miss my monthly column at the Telegraph. My latest one was about being inspired by travel and how to write an effective journal. You can find it here.

People often ask me how I manage to motivate myself to write so much (yeah, 25 books is quite a lot!) and I tell them that I have found ways to force myself into it. This time I have made a commitment to write a fortnightly column for the Expat Telegraph – that’s part of the Daily Telegraph. Calling myself Expat Writer, and offering inspiration from the rollercoaster, I hope that will keep me on track and help me to remember that I am, above all, a writer. This was my latest commitment to myself. If you are committed to being a writer too, then perhaps you would like to commit to reading my column? Find the first one here. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Hi there

A while ago I told you about a great project for grandparents with grandchildren overseas. The story is, today, the front page story at the Weekly Telegraph website. You can read the full story here.

By the way, the old geezer is my dad!